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Purchase a Jura machine and get 3 lbs of free coffee of your choice ($51 value)!


The JURA GIGA 10 makes it easy to enjoy your favorite café-quality drinks at home. A revolutionary cold-extraction process, a panoramic touchscreen control panel and two bean hoppers with separate burr grinders are just a few of the features that make this automatic espresso machine a true standout. The stylish, streamlined exterior houses a powerful motor designed to slowly pulse cold water through fresh, coarsely ground coffee beans under high pressure for a distinctive taste and exceptionally balanced aroma. The GIGA 10 offers 35 hot and cold brew specialties, and allows you to create and save your own recipes and profiles.


  • Cold-extraction process delivers intermittent pressure to extract optimal flavor and aroma.
  • Panoramic touchscreen displays 35 hot and cold brew specialties; customization options allow you to create and save unique recipes and profiles.
  • Features simple tap-and-slide customization of bean blend, intensity and coffee-to-milk ratio.
  • Two bean hoppers and two ceramic disc burr grinders allow simultaneous brewing of different bean roasts or blends.
  • Proprietary fine foam technology delivers frothy rich crema on demand.
  • CLEARYL Smart Filter eliminates impurities to ensure superior flavor.
  • Built-in technology actively monitors coffee bean level so you don't run out mid-grind.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Connect is compatible with J.O.E.® (JURA Operating Experience) companion app for personalization and operation from smartphone or tablet.


    • Overall: 19 1/2" wide x 12 1/2" deep x 16 1/4" high.
    • Panorama Coffee Panel: 6 3/4" high.
    • Water reservoir: 88-oz. cap.
    • Bean hoppers (2): 10-oz. cap.
    • Cord: 47" long.
    • 40 lb.
    • 120V.
    • 1450W.
    • UL-listed.
    • Made in Switzerland.

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