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The Touring Story

Touring Coffee Roasters is based in Portland, OR. Our coffee products are inspired by the amazing places we've travelled to. We love sharing these experiences and are on a mission to inspire the next adventure for you. We embrace the outdoor, adventure lifestyle, and are driven by our motto: "Destination. Inspiration. Coffee."

Destination: Sharing with you the love of travel and the sense of discovery. What better way to deliver a unique sensory experience than through an aromatic cup of coffee.

Inspiration: Travel and discovery forces us to move a little slower, and to activate our senses. Each of our roasts is inspired by a favorite places we've visited, becoming an expression of a flavor, scent and texture of that particular setting and an adventure to be found there. 

Coffee: Starting each day with a great cup of coffee is a special moment - it's a mini adventure in a cup, a great opportunity to kick off the day right, and to plot your next grand adventure. 

Our approach at Touring Coffee Roasters is taking the sights, smells, and flavors we experience and expressing them through natural ingredients' aroma and tastes - in a perfect cup of coffee. Touring Coffee Roasters' mission is to bring you the beauties that nature has to offer with small-batch, handcrafted coffee - at home or away. 

The Touring Team

Driven by adventure and delicious coffee.

 Charlie Droege

Charlie Droege

Learning the world of coffee one bag at a time. Fun fact, Charlie has the longest wingspan ever.

Production Assistant

Eugene Jung

Eugene Jung

Coffee. Motorcycles.
Coffee. Motorcycles. Camping.
I rock the best morning hair.

Founder and Assistant to the Regional Manager

Tato Zedginidze

Tato Zedginidze

Hails from Tbilisi, Georgia. She loves to travel, explore, drive cars, play sports and roast coffee beans from all around the world.

Q-Grade Certified

Co-Founder & Head Roaster

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