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Due to the nature of this rare coffee bean, it is only offered as whole bean to ensure its freshness. 


On the coast of Oregon, Thor’s Well is an old sea cave that has collapsed, creating almost a “drainage pipe” to the ocean. It’s a seemingly bottomless hole that thrashes and sprays water as the waves crash in and out. Visiting at high tide is a must!


This coffee was grown by Yonatan and Julian, owners of Cuatro Vientos in Colombia. It is 100% Geisha, which is one of the most exotic coffee varieties avaiable. The fragrance and aroma smells like chocolate mousse with tasting notes of watermelon, cherries and a full body roast leaving a fantastic mouthlingering feel. Quantities are limited, get a bag while its still available! 



To guarantee freshness and quality, we roast-to-order. We care about where our beans come from, their impact on the environment, the people that produce them, and the quality of the coffee that end up in your mug every morning, afternoon, and evening.

Thor's Well | Geisha

PriceFrom $26.00
  • Roast Signature Roast
    Flavor Profile Watermelon, Cherry, Full Body
    Country of Origin Colombia
    Region Huila, Colombia
    Elevation 1550-2000 
    Processing Natural
    Drying Method Dried in the sun




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